Extension in ring group no longer receiving inbound calls

Hello, I have an extension in a Ring Group that suddenly is no longer receiving inbound calls. They do receive a dial tone and are able to call outbound. I’m curious if anyone has ran into this issue before and what would cause this to happen? This phone is a remote phone and I have confirmed that the VPN is enabled and working.

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I was able to run the Asterisk log file from CLI but it won’t let me paste here it says too many characters.

Use the FreePBX Pastebin:


Alright here is the log results. This Ring Group has extensions 230, 3430, 430 and 431. Extension 431 is having the issue.

asterisk log - FreePBX Pastebin

431 is not being attempted.

1. [2023-06-26 14:43:16] VERBOSE[2054] chan_sip.c: Extension Changed 3430[ext-local] new state Ringing for Notify User 3435

2. [2023-06-26 14:43:16] VERBOSE[5668][C-00000218] app_dial.c: SIP/230-0000075c is ringing

3. [2023-06-26 14:43:16] VERBOSE[5668][C-00000218] app_dial.c: SIP/430-0000075b is busy

4. [2023-06-26 14:43:16] VERBOSE[5668][C-00000218] app_dial.c: SIP/3430-0000075a is ringing

5. [2023-06-26 14:43:16] VERBOSE[2054] chan_sip.c: Extension Changed 3430[ext-local] new state Ringing for Notify

What are you seeing for the 431 endpoint under Reporting>Asterisk Info? Does it show as a registered endpoint?

Yes, indeed it does show in Asterisk Info. It’s registered and able to place outbound calls.

And here is a screenshot of the Ring Group in question. I haven’t made any changes recently and the phone was able to receive inbound calls before. This phone is at an employee’s house on their home network so I’m not sure if maybe the home network is the culprit here. I’ve been reading how inbound calls can be affected if SIP ALG is enabled on a router (I haven’t been able to check their home network to determine if SIP ALG is enabled).

I don’t see anything jumping out. Can you confirm 431 is not set to DND? If that is not the issue, try building a new ringgroup and see if the result is different.

Yeah, this is very strange. I don’t see anything in the extension notating that DND is enabled. I’ve kindly asked the employee to verify and get back to me. If DND is not enabled, I will try your recommendation on creating a new Ring Group.

Alright, well…the plot thickens. This Ring Group is tied to the extensions for the CEO of the company. Extension 230 is a Yealink Handset in the corporate office here. Extension 3430 is his main desk phone here at the corporate office (unsure why he needs a desk phone and a handset). Extension 430 is his desk phone located at his lake house (remote phone so it has VPN config applied). Extension 431 is his desk phone located at his winter house (remote phone so it has VPN config applied), this extension 431 is the extension I am having issues with. I also noticed for his main extension, he has find me/follow me enabled with all of his other extensions listed. So that had me wondering, was it the Ring Group that was working or was it the Find Me/Follow Me feature that was routing the calls? Turns out, it was Find Me/Follow Me that seems to be routing the calls. I disabled Find Me/Follow Me and placed some test calls and only his main extension 3430 rang. I deleted the Ring Group that was created (this phone system was built by someone that used to work here, I just manage it now) and made a new Ring Group and placed a test call but none of the other extensions in the group are ringing. I’ve enabled Find Me/Follow Me again on his extension and all extensions except 431 are ringing. Unsure where to go from here. Sorry for the lengthy post but figured this info was beneficial.

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