Extension gone after update to

Recently updated from 2.4 to running on pbxinaflash (1.2). No other updates. I did the update several weeks ago and just went in to add an extension and wow … there are no extentions! The extensions page is blank.

Actually there are a bunch of pages that don’t load anymore. Could it be a permissions problem somewhere? Any ideas?



If you were using Elastix I’d say to just use Unembedded FreePBX to manage those pages until a new version of Elastix is released. My question is, are you looking at those pages in native FreePBX, or is PiaF showing you their own substitute pages? What happens if you skip PiaF and go directly to the FreePBX page? Try going to https:///admin/config.php or even https:///admin/config.php?type=setup&display=extensions and see if that gets you anywhere.

PIAF doesn’t intervene between the user and FPBX. They have a little landing page but it links directly to FreePBX. They did of course customize the logos but that’s all. This is a FreePBX issue I’m pretty sure. The system was Aces until the update. And of course it is processing calls fine. Didn’t notice a thing until I wanted to make a config change.


this is usually the result a non-standard module being introduced that is breaking things, possibly a permission/ownership issue in a session directory, or something related. Try disabling any module that is not officially part of FreePBX (basically anything that doesn’t show up as being available on the online module repository and lets you disable it - as long as you disable and not uninstall you will not lose any of it’s data). That may turn something up.

Thanx for the post Philippe. This actually now looks like a browser issue instead. I failed to mention in the original post that between the time that I upgraded FPBX and actually noticing the unusual behavior, I got a new laptop. Of course it came pre-infected with Windows Vista. I was using FireFox to access the system in question from home over a SSL tunnel with this laptop. I ran over to my office to do a hard restart of the system (it had several months of uptime on it) and when I sat down at an office XP machine and accessed the system … everything was working. Went back home and dug out my trusty old Thinkpad with XP on it, setup a tunnel and accessed the system remotely. Again everything worked fine.

I don’t get exactly what the issue is but it seems obvious to me now that it must be a setting of some description in Vista. Since both Firefox and IE exhibit the same behavior, I assume it is some Vista global network security setting or some such.

Anyway, I shouldn’t have jumped to the conclusion that FPBX was at fault. Honestly though it never occurred to me that it might be the browser or it’s environment that was causing the issue.