Extension going to voicemail

I have built my asterisk box from the latest download. I have tested it as working with one extension using a soft phone. All working. Got really confident and installed IVR. All working. I then switched my inbound route to just call the one softphone. All working fine. Inbound, outbound, voicemail.

Happy days. I ordered my new IP Phone. A linksys SPA941. Set it up, registered. All working. Apart from voicemail. It would ring, ring ring and then when voicemail was supposed to cut in it would play the ogm according to the logs but you couldn’t hear anything.

I used the phone to record a new OGM. Then …

The whole shooting match has stopped working. I ring in, it goes straight to voicemail, not that you can hear anything, but the logs show it saying the extension is busy. Is is not busy.

DND is switched off. database get 101 dnd returns NO.
There are no active channels. Everything should work, was working and has all gone pearshaped.

Out of pocket and seriously fed up.

Anyone got any ideas?

ok fixed

database del DND 101

somehow DND has become enabled. It’s not enabled on the phone btw.

Now just need to sort out why I can’t hear my OGM now.