Extension goes straight to voicemail (can't call internally or externally to extensions) - resoved

Just in case it helps anyone, we had a situation where upon upgrading to Free PBX 2.4 (under Elastix) all calls (internal or external) to extensions would go straight to voicemail. I know this is more likely an Elastix issue rather than FreePBX, but maybe this will help someone as well.The solution was to edit your extensions.conf file to add in this text “(normdial).” Here are the steps:

1.) open this file (using nano or vi) /etc/asterisk.elastix/extensions.conf and go to this line (line #69 for me:)

exten => s,10,Dial(${ds}) ; dialparties will set the priority to 10 if $ds is not null

now change it to the following (just adding in “(normdial)” after the “s,10”:slight_smile:
exten => s,10(normdial),Dial(${ds}) ; dialparties will set the priority to 10 if $ds is not null

2.) For me there are two separate extensions.conf files. The other one is at /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf I’m not sure which config file is used, so I edited both of them to be safe, you may also need to do the same edit that file as well.

3.) Restart Asterisk (run as root or use sudo:)
/etc/init.d/asterisk restart

That’s it, you should be finished and dialing between extensions should now work.

I found the proper solution is to make sure your folders/files in the /ect/asterisk directory are all owned by asterisk user/group and then actually just remove the extensions.conf file (make sure you have a backup just in case.)

Then run retrieve_conf from your /var/lib/asterisk/bin/ (make sure you rut it logged in as the asterisk user and not some other user account on the system.)

That will automatically create the symlink for you and you should be good to go.