Extension Forwarding

I might be missing something obvious so hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

At the moment people can set forwards on their phone. I can see from ‘Extension Settings’ what’s set and to where but can’t change it.

However I occasionally need to change the forward remotely without physically being at the phone.

The only way I can see on doing this is to log in via the user portal and change it there however the extension must have a valid voicemail mailbox as a login. A lot of my extensions don’t have VM and don’t need it.

Is there not a way to see and modify an extensions forwarding status from within the ‘Extensions’ section where other individually related info is changeable?


Yes, there is an admin login to the ARI that you specify in systems settings and and a phone settings/features module.

Take your pick.

Is the admin login to the ARI the same login as the FPBX admin interface? - If so, under Phone Features I get a blank page with an ‘Update’ button.

Is the phone settings/features module an extra module or one installed by default as I can’t see it on my system or under the Module Admin section

As mentioned in the first post I have Settings > Extension Settings which gives me the forwarding info but it does not allow me to change anything (it would be perfect if it did)

I’m still struggling to find these options outwith the user panel.

Is it not possible to see/change these in the extensions module, keeping everything in one place?