Extension environmental interception

Here is what I would like to achieve:
A function that allows me to initiate a call to another extension and this must answer automatically by enabling the speakerphone

It would seem that there is support for voip phones, in fact I find the function: "Allow Auto Answer by Call-Info/Alert-Info"

Is auto answer working already when you dial an extension using the intercom prefix? If so, you can use the intercom prefix and extension number using the AMI Originate, or using .call files or from the asterisk console using the command

channel originate local/*[email protected] extension [email protected]

sub the extension numbers for the X’s and Y’s.

Ok it works for me
Enabled the intercom function you must send the correct string you see in “Variable:”

Action: Originate
Channel: SIP/10
WaitTime: 5
CallerId: 10
Exten: 11
Variable: __SIPADDHEADER51=Call-Info: sip:;answer-after=0
Priority: 1
Context: from-internal

If you use the local channel instead of the SIP channel, then you can use the native FreePBX dialplan to add the auto answer headers:

Channel: local/*[email protected]
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