Extension disabled?

FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-26 Asterisk 11.16

Remote user. X-lite softphone. Connected over VPN. Working fine yesterday. Today he can make calls but cannot receive. When dialing the extension, the Asterisk CLI is showing-

WARNING[16840][C-0000078d]: func_presencestate.c:132 presence_read: PRESENCE_STATE unknown
and then a little further down -
NoOp(“SIP/8888-00000185”, “Checking if ext 103 is enabled: disabled”)

and then sends the caller to voicemail.

The extension shows in SIP SHOW PEERS with a status of OK. I can ping the address with no problems and again, he can make calls. I don’t recall ever seeing the extension disabled message before.

Any thoughts?


UCP and Presence possibly? My guess is he has set him/herself to Unavailable in UCP.


Thanks for the reply, Greg! I should have updated this several days ago but hadn’t been back in. I’d had him check status and several other things early on. Turned out to be something with his laptop and/or X-lite. Had him do the highly technical “restart X-lite” and everything started working! There are other things going on with the laptop that I believe are contributing factors but those are also being addressed. No issues with Asterisk or FreePBX on this one.