Extension creation autogenerates UC, Zulu and virtual Conference Room

FreePBX 13.0.163, Asterisk 13.9.1. Every time we create a new extension FreePBX empowers itself to create a virtual conference room, a ZULU account and a UC account. I need to turn this off. How?

Searched the Community for autogenerate…nothing applied to this.

Appreciate any help.

i am curious - why do you care if these are generated? if you are not using them, just ignore them.

Clutter. A 50 user account generates so much fluff it is very unproductive for the engineers trying to fine tune, having to wade through screens of unusable autogenerated configs.

Go to user manager. Go to groups. Then all users. Disable everything.

Then when you create an extension don’t have it create a user

Thank you Andrew…

Is there a downside to deleting the all users group?

I have no idea why you’d do that but no. Why don’t you just uninstall User Manager if you are going this route.