Extension call restrictions

Im running FreePBX 4.211.6-47 and i have a TDM800p card;
im using 2 analog lines (trunk 1 & 2 and a celular gateway in trunk 3)
I want to do the calls:

  • to fixed PSTN lines via trunks 1 & 2 (local area or long distance)
  • to celular phones via trunk 3

also i want to define extensions with this privileges:

  • extensions that can only do internal calls (to other extensions)
  • extensions that can do internal calls and local area code
  • extensions that can do internal, local area, and cellular calls
  • extensions that can do internal, local area, cellular, and long distance calls.

I have custom context modules; I have defined the trunks, the outbound routes (one for each trunk) but when i configure the custom context it doesnt work as i expect. Obviusly im doing some wrong.

Does someone of you have a tip?

thanks in advance.


I forgot to close this thread, thanks for your valuable help, it solved my trouble.