Extension Call Limiting for Outgoing and Incoming

Hi All,

I am curious to know if others have had the need to replicate functionality in Asterisk that replicates the functionality of the Siemens HiPath 3000 PABX, in relation to the RNA function.

The office use for this is:

  1. A single extension number that is available from internal and external.
  2. The RNA-Group number is populated with say 2 device numbers, one been the SIP desk phone, the other the Users Mobile phone.
  3. If a call comes in to the RNA-Group number, it rings both phones concurrently.
  4. If a new call comes in to the RNA-Group number, it goes to voicemail (or queues up awaiting RNA-Group number to be free.
  5. If one of the devices makes a outgoing call, it marks the RNA-Group as busy.

Why do this? Because the User is contactable on a single number, but may have multiple devices, and does not want to be bothered with additional call waiting, but wishes to send to Asterisk Voicemail or Queue in Asterisk.

This RNA function put simply is a combination of redirecting calls if a group of extensions are busy on the phone, any of them. Only a single number services a group of phones. If any of the phones in the group are busy, the call is deflected to an alternative.

Ring Groups wont do it. Queues wont do it. I cannot find anything that currently exists in the module set for freepbx that does anything like this.

I’ve had to write a complex set of custom code for both Internal and from-pstn, that GROUP_COUNT the extension. This is incremented for incoming calls to the RNA extension number.

However, if outgoing, there was no simple way to increment this counter. I had to use the AccountCode field, where the Administrator populates this with the RNA extension number. Thus, when a outgoing call is made, it increments the RNA extension GROUP_COUNT.

So my question out there fellow Asteriskians, has anyone come across this before and has anyone been game to write a module for this?