Extension Call drops after 30 seconds

Hello, I’m new to freePBX and I’m running it on a raspberry 4. I just want to use it to call “in-house”, so I don’t have a SIP. When I call from my Phone (IOS 15 and Zoiper App installed) to my MacBook (Just a IP-Phone app from the AppStore), the call ends after 30 to 32 seconds. I have no idea why!!! Can someone please help me?

Do you mean you don’t have an ITSP?

30 seconds is typically the result of a bad Contact header as the result of not properly configuring for NAT.

Please confirm that you are using the correct channel driver for new users (chan_pjsip), then describe your network topology, give details of your channel driver configuration, and provide logs from a failing call. Post the last of these to pastebin.freepbx.org.

Hello, thanks for your answer! Yes, I am using chan_pjsip for my extensions. What is a network topology? (I’m not a native speaker). Where can I find my driver configuration and my logs?

Where are Asterisk and the phones in relation to the NAT and non-NAT routers involved? If there is NAT, are there multiple private networks, and if so, how to the other entities relate those private networks?

most likely, you dont have the right IP Address set in
settings > SIP Settings
settings > SIP Settings > PJSIP

Most likely, you are broadcasting your “Internal” IP address (192.168.x.x?) where it should be using your WAN IP (provided by your internet service provider)

This will show up in the CONTACT header of sip messages.

OMG, thank youuu! It’s working nowww

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