Extension buggy after call screening

Hi, I tested Call Screening with memory… and since then when my SIP client receives a call, it immediately stops ringing and I get a missed call.

Thing is, I create a new extension and change the username on my SIP client (Bria for Android), and it works perfect. Change it back, i get instant missed calls instead of a call.

I can’t seem to reproduce the bug on my new extension number. Perhaps it was due to the other thing I can remember fiddling with: Static agent weights/penalties.

My log is at http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Nut2gMzg

I’m using Incredible PBX / Asterisk 10-beta1 / FreePBX


Well first off FreepBX 2.8 does not support Asterisk 10. Actually no versions of FreePBX have been tested against Asterisk 10 since it is still early Beta. Also call screening is part of the built in Privacy manager in Asterisk so this would seem to be a Asterisk bug.

Can you try to replicate this on Asterisk 1.6 or 1.8 as it works fine for me.

Hi would you be able to point me in the right place to look where the Privacy Manager / Call Screening stores its data? I looked in all the mysql tables but couldn’t find it.

I assumed it was a freepbx bug since disabling Call Screening, the problem carried on. But you sound more right; why would astrisk ring a device then hangup a microsecond later; that would serve no business use that i would enjoy.

I will downgrade to Asterisk 1.8 asap. I was running 1.8, but after 5 hours of fiddling through freepbx interface, it corrupted some config files and wouldn’t reload. If that happens with 1.8 again, I’ll post logs here as a new thread.

Thanks for your speedy reply.

I found the area of the problem!

Ext 101 has voicemail enabled
Ext 102 has voicemail disabled
some setting somewhere says "send to voicemail after 15 secs"
but Queue 191 (which has Ext’s 101 and 102 as Static Agents) was timeout 2.5 mins

I think that’s getting close to the bug.

I believe FreePBX should sheild the user from this conf error… where vm timeout is less than queue timeout… or something.

Sorry I’m vauge, hoping an expert can pick up on the problem with this new information.

Read the roll over help menu on agent timeouts. It states clearly that that settings like extension ring time before going to voicemail will override the queue setting. This is not a bug but by design.

No different than if you added your cell number as a static agent. It could only call your cell tell your cell goes to voicemail.