Extension blocking

I need help.
I have freepbx(~1500 extensions, calls simultaneously is less than 50).
Telephones connect to VoIP gateways.
Inbound calls realise:
Inbound call->pstn->Cisco->inbound route->ring_group/queue/(or extension). -> extension

Our subcribers is blocked by support over changing field ‘Type’ at particular extension.
For block this field set up to value ‘User’. As a result:
Extension isn’t registred(Telephone connect to VoIP gateway). Subscriber pick up handset of analog telephone and hear beeping/busy. No inbound,no outbound calls.

I want to do so:
I create a context ‘block’ in freepbx.
Extension must be registred.
Outgouing call(from extension)->Subscriber can dial any number -> call is redirected to audio recording(“your phone was blocked”). I do it over extensions_override_freepbx.conf(The context ‘block’ was added and changed into extensions_override_freepbx.conf)

How restrict inbound call totally(to extension)???
I can do this by,example:
inbound route -> field destination = busy. But I don’t like this example.
or example:
dialed ‘12345’->inbound route ‘12345’,destination=extension ‘12345’-> if this extension have context ‘abc’ then ‘hungup’.
but i don’t know how to realize it. When I do need to check the context?
Are there other ways to decide that?



You can use the [from-internal-custom] context to block any traffic to an extension from the pbx itself.
You can even block the traffic to a specific extension with a specified caller id.

example (blocking calls to extension 222 from caller id 333):

;Block calls to extension 222 from extension 333
exten => 222/333,1,Hangup()

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.