Extension become unavialbe Queues don't respect Max Wait time

I think an issue that likely will move up a bug report.

I have a queue 31300 that has a Max Wait time of 2 mins. At the end of the 2 mins the call is to move to a different queue.
Inside this queue I have 4 agents and they use a softphone only
They don’t logout or pause themselves at the end of the shift, they just disconnect. so asterisk see them as follows
First Name (Local/32464@from-queue/n from hint:32464@ext-local) with penalty 2 (ringinuse disabled) (Unavailable) has taken no calls yet

When a call comes into the Queue it never respects the 2 min timeout because the system will act like its sending call to agent 1 and with Loose timeout it then goes to agent 2 and back and forth.

There are more variation but it won’t pause the agent because it can’t for some reason and it won’t respect the 2min Queue wait timeout and so the call is stuck in a queue with no agents.

Anyone else see this?


File a bug report.

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