Extension availability based on time condition

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I can figure a long winded workaround but wondered if there’s an easier way.

I’m looking to restrict inbound and outbounds calls for a specific extension based on it’s own time condition.

The outbound bit is fine as I’ve created a separate time condition’d outbound route with that extension being the only member using the Extension Routing module. The inbound is tricky though as there is already an existing time condition for general office hours on the main inbound route.

What would be the best way to restrict inbound calls for this extension that uses a different time condition to the general office hours condition?

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On outbound, be sure that calls to 999 are never blocked.

On incoming, if you want to block all calls to the extension (even from the receptionist, etc.), set up Follow Me controlled by a Calendar. Have the Follow Me list route to your desired action (voicemail, busy, announcement, etc.) If you are already using Follow Me for other purposes, there are other options.

If you only want to block external calls where the user dials the extension number via IVR, set up the extension number as an IVR option, which routes to a Time Condition.

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