Extension and Parking Colliding ***SOLVED***

Hello! I have had this problem since installation in December, and finally figured out why. I have parking extensions 71, 72, and 73 for my business. My extension is 720 (7 followed by my business ID). Sometime after I start a phone call (either answering an incoming call or initiating an outgoing call, my parking 72 BLF light turns red. Several minutes after I end my call, it turns back to green. If I push the button, I get the message that there isn’t anyone there and it turns back to green. The BLF on my phone is the only one that turns red. I also can’t park anyone on 72 while I’m using the phone from my desk.

No one else’s does that. I have also experienced instances when I dial and push send, I end up talking to the person on park 72. I think it has something to do with the similarity between my extension and the parkin extension. I can re-do the whole extension setup, but would rather not. Is there a simple fix?


It’s a best practice to change the feature codes so they don’t overlap extensions or other codes. In other words, because the first two digits of your extension overlap the first two digits of your extension, most phone systems would see the 72 and stops waiting for other digits as that is a full feature code in the dial plan.

If your extensions all start with a 7 I would recommend changing your feature codes so they don’t have any overlap.

Thank you. I was thinking that was probably the problem.

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