Ext on Multiple Phones

Trixbox CE
Cisco 7900 series phones

Want to set up a phone with a shared extension and appreciate any guidance on how best to accomplish this. Here’s what we’ve tried so far…

Two phones both 7940 (two lines each)
First phone’s extension needs to show/ring/function on the second phone’s line 2.
We configured using EndPoint Manager but found that only the most recently booted device will actually ring when the extension (from first phone) is called.

Is there a way to have an “admin assistant” type extension on a phone that parallels the phone being monitored without impacting the monitored phone’s operation?

Thanks for your help!

Right, you can only have one extension per account. BUT you can emulate what you want by setting up a “follow me” on the first extension so that both the first phone’s extension and the other extension ring simultaneously. Or, if calls are coming from an IVR, you could send them to a ring group that rings both extensions simultaneously.

I don’t have any familiarity with the phone you mentioned, so if there’s something about my suggestion that won’t work in your situation, please explain and maybe someone else can help.

“Follow Me” solved the need perfectly. Thanks wiseoldowl :slight_smile: