Export of saved calls to a 'static' archive, browseable?

Hi All,

for reasons beyond my control*, I will be decommissioning my self-built FreePBX server, but it has calls saved since ca. mid 2015.
Since it was in production (severals calls per day) environment, I imagine my management would still want to refer to these calls some time after the server is decommissioned.

Does there exist a solution to export the currently stored calls log along with the associated CDR data and ‘links’ to saved media files, to a static webpage (e.g. to save it on a mobile hard drive with an ‘index.html’ static file, or a hierarchy thereof, to facilitate some kind of categorization by date and/or operator number) ? So they can connect the disk back to any old computer, and just ‘run’ the top level html (or even a spreadsheet, ods preferred) file to browse the saved calls.

* reasons being, the SIP trunks I could find available in my countries, came up to be more expensive than taking a contract from an integrated solutions provider, in the long term. So there’s that.

Why dont just buy a telephony card and plug in the server to work with the new lines(technology) Asterisk supports Analog and digital technologies(ISDN PRI/BRI, R2, SIP, IAX2, FXO, etc etc).

About your question if you have the database already you can use it with simple html to pull data, if you want all of it its easier to leave the freepbx structure as is in a virtual machine that you can boot at anytime.

VM suggestion is interesting. But there are several GB (about 50GB or more) of the voice calls. The current system runs on ‘bare metal’.

If the versions of FreePBX are of the same generation then on the old machine

mysqldump asteriskcdrdb > asteriskcdrdb.sql

And on the new machine

MySQL asteriskcdrdb < asteriskcdrdb


rsync -av --progress oldmachine:/car/spool/asterisk/monitor /var/spool/asterisk

Should work

Thanks I will have a stab at this when the time comes (today is not yet the day). I have FreePBX on a 10.13.66-19 distro.