Export/Import CDR Database

Hello Community,

we are currently using an old telephone server with Asterisk 1.4 installed. I am setting up a new AsteriskNOW server with FreePBX 12. My supervisor wants to experiment a bit with the CDR module. The problem is that one can’t do calls on the new server yet, so I am trying to import/export the “asteriskcdrdb”. I tried to simply download the folder with all the database files in it and upload it to the new server - replacing the current files. But in the “CDR Report” I just get some questionmarks everywhere, so this method does not seem to work. I guess that the field names changed over the years, so I can’t simply replace the files.
Any ideas how I could accomplish this task?

Best regards

I think it is very hard to do that. the table in DB might be quite different. Unless you check the table and make sure match that exactly or do programming to convert the DB.