Export extensions from trixbox 2.2.12 to csv and the import to trixbox 2.8.04


Is there a way to export extensions from TrixBox 2.2.12 to csv ? It would be nice to then be able to import the csv using bulk extensions in TrixBox 2.8.04.


Thank you, that is a great idea :slight_smile:

Hey Snoopy

I did post on trixbox, but I have not seen your response there. I do not know if posting here posts to many. Thanks for your reply

you don’t want to be running 2.8+ versions of FreePBX on Asterisk 1.2, things will start to break. Probably subtle things at first but as time goes on, there will probably be more issues.

Darrain - My post must have never posted at trixbox, sorry about that.

Please see Philippe’s comment about running 2.8 on asterisk 1.2 If you decide to stick with the old Asterisk don’t go any higher than 2.7 on the FreePBX (still a huge step up).

Let us know what you decide to do.

Darrain - I told you over at the trixbox forum and the answer has not changed.

Update the FreePBX on the 2.2 using Module admin to version 2.5 (no later)

Then use the FreePBX backup module to backup the entire configuration, not just the extensions.

Now you have a choice, you can install the trixbox 2.8 that is based on the outdated and of life 2.5 FreePBX and the equally outdated and quickly reaching end of support Asterisk 1.6 or as Mike pointed out install something a bit more current.

You also have another choice. You can update the 2.2 trixbox (a great, classic version) FreePBX all the way to the latest 2.8 from the module admin.

However that leaves you with Asterisk 1.2 that lacks a few features related to device states (the ability to set lamps on the phone) and wideband audio.

If you are adventerous and want to learn you can install the kernel-dev package and install the latest 1.78 Asterisk right on the machine you have today.

Point of interest is I am still running my original 2.2 trixbox at home updated to Asterisk 1.4.39 and FreePBX 2.8 ! My home system is larger than some office installs at the sprawling Skyking Ranch. 11 Extensions in all rooms except the bathroom. I intend to run fiber and put another switch in my workshop building over the summer so I can research on the Internet while working on projects.

Well, trixbox 2.2.12 use an old version of FreePBX, 2.8.04 use a “forked” version. We don’t know what they “forked” or not in their version.

My best advice is that you skip using trixbox and start looking for a better alternative like PBX in a Flash.

You can make a backup of your old system, then upgrade it through the FreePBX versions with Version upgrade module, when you are at FreePBX 2.8 you can use the built in FreePBX backup module to do a total backup, then restore to another system that use FreePBX 2.8.