Exploring options to back-up FreePBX on Dell Server


We are running FreePBX on Dell Server and one of the HDDs failed blocking webGUI access but the services are up and running. Is there a possible way to export existing configurations and move to a new server?

Please advice

I don’t know of a way how you can run a backup from SSH.

However, take a look at the Conversion Tool, that will sure work, but won’t copy over any custom config.

If you have been making backups then copy them to the new machine and


if not , try

/var/www/html/admin/modules/backup/bin/backup.php (then restore on the new machine)

8053077958892536440 @PitzKey & @dicko Thanks for your response. The Dell Server with FreePBX is unresponsive. Will the Conversion Tool be helpful in this case?


Time to take emergency measures if you have no off site backups. Get help from Dell ASAP

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