Explication of caller id settings

Can someone explain to me the usage of the callerid field in bulk extensions? It doesnt seem to have a field in the gui.

The callerid, cid_masquerade, name, and outboundcid fields all seem to play together. Is there somewhere I can read precisely what they all do. I cant seem to figure out what the callerid and cid_masquerade do in relation to each other.

I set the callerid to “my name” <100> and cid_masquerade to 100. I want it to use internal “my name” <100> but it pulls the name from cid_masquerade. If I remove cid_masquerade, it uses the details of the actual extension. It seems callerid doesnt do anything.

Also, where is cid_masquerade in the pjsip setup? I cant find it anywhere.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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