Expected 0 but found 1 message(s) in box with max threshold of 100

I am having a random problem retrieving and deleting voicemails. When you check voicemail it says you have 1 new message. You press 1 and it goes straight through to the prompts for deleting or saving the message. The message is never played. If you press 7 to delete it says the message is deleted but the voicemail indicator lamp stays on and the next time you check voicemail the same as above happens again.

Asterisk is freepbx is 2.8.x

The subject line, from my logs, is the only clue I have.

Does anyone know what the problem might be.

Now I am seeing same problem on a different system running FreePBX 2.7x and Asterisk

I read something in my Googles that said there can be problems with Asterisk renumbering the voicemail message files names.


Did you read https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/18486 ?
You might need to upgrade asterisk. is the first version with the fix.

I will go for the upgrade