EXP43 support in EPM


Wondering if there is any eta on EXP43 support in the EPM. We are starting to use these more regularly and have managed to get working using the EXP50 but that template does miss 1 line of code and we had to write a wrapper to fix this on the fly but would be good to see native support asap

There are no immediate plans, as far as I know, this is the first time this model has come up.

You should be able to modify any stock template using the basefile editor
EPM-Admin User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation

really?? thats odd since the latest U model phones will only support these newer model EXPs I have been waiting for a couple of months now assuming it would be added anytime

below is a bit of code i wrote as a work around for now, there is two lines of type 16 for BLF and 13 for speeddial

expansion_module.1.key.$i.line = 1
expansion_module.1.key.$i.extension =

are needed in addition on the EXP43

ill have a play with the basefile but yeah as i said im surprised this isn’t on the radar since its the only model supported

ls /tftpboot/ | grep “.cfg” | grep “805” | while read Z
cd /tftpboot/
while [ $i -ne 43 ]
A=cat $Z | grep "expansion_module.1.key.$i.type" | awk '{ print $3 }'
if [ “$A” == “16” ];
E=cat $Z | grep "expansion_module.1.key.$i.value" | awk '{ print $3 }'
echo “expansion_module.1.key.$i.line = 1” >> $Z
echo “expansion_module.1.key.$i.extension = $E” >> $Z

            if [ "$A" == "13" ];
                    echo "expansion_module.1.key.$i.line = 1" >> $Z



echo "updated EPM files date" >> /tmp/poo.txt

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The EXP43 is now supported by Endpoint Manager.

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