EXP43 missing from Endpoint Manager 14 track

I have 2 systems, one on FreePBX 14 and 1 on FreePBX 15. Both are up to the latest Endpoint Manager updates for both systems, for the 14 system, and for the 15. The FreePBX 15 system has EXP43 under choices for an Expansion unit, but not the 14 system. While not a system affecting issue, I have to use the EXP 40, which loads the correct buttons, but I have to log into the phone itself and save the DSS key configs for the BLFs to work correctly.
Would this be added anytime soon, or do I need to plan upgrade this system to get the EXP43 option for Endpoint Manager?

Support for the EXP43 is in 15+ only.

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