EXP100 not taking newest firmware


We just installed two additional EXP100’s on S700’s. The latest EXP100 firmware has been sent to the phone. It even shows it installed on the phone. But the EXP100 will not install it. The current version on the EXP100 is

Our previously installed EXP100’s have all accepted the firmware update.

Do we need to install a firmware version between and to get the newest version to install?

Yes because of mistake on our side you need to install .99 firmware first before you can go to

You can get it from http://rs.sangoma.net/phone/firmware/

Great! Thanks. I’ll do that now.

Is there a way to upload that firmware from the phone’s webserver? The EPM does not have that version available. Also I’d rather not downgrade the other EXP100’s that are up to date.

I see a way to update the phone firmware from the webserver, but not the EXP100.

Just put that firmware in your slot 1 or 2 manually. Then reboot the devices that need it. The ones on the firmware wont downgrade.

That worked perfectly. Thanks.

One more question. Should I leave that file in the slot folder for future EXP100’s? Or should I delete it, and just put it there on a case by case basis?

It will not hurt to leave it their.

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