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(Shackbill) #1

newbie: I’m configuring some EXP-100’s for the reception area and i want to have a button to send a caller directly to a users VM without ringing the phone and also a button to send them to the same phone so it rings. Ideally, that 2nd button would also let me stage the call so i can talk to the receiver first then transfer the caller. SO, i set it up like so…

button1 = DTMF label = ‘Joes VM’ Value ##*22 Account 1
button2 = DTMF label = ‘Joe’ Value=‘22’ Account 1

Seems to work BUT it looks weird on the LCD panel. Instead of just the label, i see the label AND the value. Is there a way to only display the Label

ALso, is there a way to use the USER IMAge for the avatar on the exp100? The Phonesets (S505) show the correct picture but the EXP100 shows some silly looking music notation symbol. I think i tried configuring a BLF for call transfer but it shows a gray silhouette and i dont think the transfer worked correctly. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


Direct to VM Not Working

Hi Shack

Sangoma Phones allow for 2 types of button presses.

  • Short Press which is any press less the 1 second
  • Long Press which is pressing and holding the button for more then 1 second.

For each state you can set a dial prefix that will be dialed along with the BLF
extension number.

  • Prefix with a * which is the feature code to dial someone’s voicemail direct.
    This way if the extension is in use and you press the BLF with a normal short
    press it will dial the users voicemail box instead of ringing them.

EPM - (Brand) Sangoma - Options - BLF XY State

About transfer;
Blind transfer, or attendant as default.

EPM - (Brand) Sangoma - Options - Transfer Mode via DSSKey = set to Attended.


(Shackbill) #3

Thanks i will try the *ext but im not sure i want to try long/short press options. i think it might lead to accidental actions by some users…

My scenario often requires VM directly to the box because providers are with a client and can’t be bothered with the phone ringing. So, VM needs to go to the box even if its not off hook. i think we used ## in conjunction with *ext to blind transfer into VM box. So, sometimes they use BLIND transfer and sometimes they use Attended - it just depends on if the doc is in with someone or not.

The config we had was working, i just didnt like the display ##*ext under the persons name. Also, i thought we tried the BLF option and it wasnt working with the commands we had thats why we went to DTMF.