Execute HTTP request on custom numbers

Hey there,
I’m currently doing some home automation and my systems are being controlled by HTTP requests (they’re using the REST API).
So naturally, as a nerd, I thought about implementing some controls in my phone system.
For example: If number 300 is being called, hit a specific URL and play an announcement.
For 301, hit another URL and play a different announcement.

That sounds pretty simple (it probably is) but honestly, I’m not experienced enough to know where to start.
I’d guess a custom extension (maybe not even in the gui, but only in the config files), which would execute the HTTP request and then forward you to an announcement. It’s important to execute the HTTP request before the announcement plays (or at the same time), otherwise some people will probably hang up before anything has happened.

Does anyone have some simple advise for me on how to accomplish such a thing?
Have a great day everyone, and thanks in advance!

You want a Custom Destination: Freepbx https call via virtual extension or custom destination?


That was exactly what I was looking for. Works flawlessly. Thank you!

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