Exclude Sip Settings in Backup


Our FreePBX box (2.10 Distro) is running in our datacenter. We have an identical backup PBX that is running in our office. I have setup daily backups from the datacenter PBX that automatically restore to the office PBX. In the event that our DC goes down our SIP provider will route all traffic to the backup PBX and we have our phones configured to automatically fail over as well. The only issue that I have is that the backup and restore process also includes the Asterisk SIP settings, which changes the external IP and internal subnet to match the config of the primary PBX when the backup is restored to the backup PBX. Obviously this breaks SIP traffic. Is there any way to keep this from happening?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

You would need to create a custom script that does this. The Backup module lets you call hooks after a restore is run.

Thank you very much for the reply. Would I just need to write a script to edit the sip.nat.conf and then do a reload?

no you need to modify the database direct. If you need assistance you can purchase paid support from FreePBX and we can write this script for you if you want.

I am faced with the same issue. Would you be able to share if this was ever successful or if there is a database script that could be shared?

The other issue I have is I need the ability to keep my trunks and outbound routes different on each as I have a different set at each location.