Exchange 2007

I’m new to freepbx, been working with callmanager 4.0 for a little bit, But I have everything configured for making and receiving calls. Where I’m having problems with is connecting freepbx to exchange 2007 um. I have researched online and I have seen several cases where they are calling for sipx to be installed. The linking between appliances following the lines of asterisk -->trixbox/freepbx -->sipx -->exchange. Can’t freepbx talk directly to exchange without using sipx, and if so what is the configuration steps for freepbx? I have configured exchange to listen for freepbx and configured the auto attendant/dial plan/gateway/voicemail box/user and I’ve created a sip trunk to the exchange server. I’ve also modified the sip_general_custom.conf file to enable SIP over TCP, but when a user calls the voicemail or when a call is received when it tries to pass to voicemail you here that all circuits are busy. Thanks for the help

Has anyone got this working. I am Running Elastix 1.6-12

I have added the following to /etc/asterisk/sip_general_custom.conf
tcpbindaddr =
tcpenable = yes

and created a trunk (Which shows connected to the exchange server)

I have also set my Exchange 2007 server correctly but the exchange server will not register on the Elastix box.

Exchange error is
The IP gateway or IP-PBX “*” did not respond to a SIP OPTIONS request from the Unified Messaging server. The error code that was returned is “0” and the error text is “:Unable to establish a connection.”

When i run NETSTAT -ln on the elastix box it only shows the UDP port that is open and not the TCP SIP Port 5060

Why is elastix not starting TCP SIP?

Asterisk 1.4 only uses SIP over UDP.
Asterisk 1.6 can use SIP over TCP.

Whatever version of Asterisk is inside Elastix 1.6-12 I don’t know, but I suspect that if you ask the same question over at the Elastix forum you will get an answer.