Excessive logging

I think a module update ended up resetting logfile settings to enable everything at some point. That’s never a good idea imo. Storage on a virtual server will quickly fill up with the amount of logging going on when you have verbose and debugging on multiple log files logging a lot of the same things. That’s not necessary under any circumstances imo, so for future reference, that should never be the default. Updates should never reset existing log file settings either…again imo.

Duplicate posts are unnecessary.

Need details. What logs were disabled and how. What logs got re-enabled and by what upgrade.

Everything got enabled. All logs all modes all types. What other details do you need? I don’t know what update did it but if I were to guess I would say it was an update to which ever module contains Asterisk Logfile Settings. I don’t updated all my servers at the same time but I think I noticed it a few months ago.

It’s not an obvious thing to spot unless you are specifically looking for it. I don’t go looking through all the menus every time I updated modules to see if any of my settings change (which should never happen imo) and there are new updates coming in almost daily sometimes.

You could just

ssh  server.1.com "rasterisk -x 'logger show channels'"

for each of your servers

Pretty well everything.

I would like to suggest proof that it was an update?

Let’s try it. I have a server currently with these settings for the log.

These are the modules currently showing for upgrade.

Updates completed.

Looks the same to me.

So you are trying to imply I am just making stuff up? :thinking:

You pretty much have everything enabled in that screenshot btw. More than enough to create massive log files in no time. If that’s what works for you fine. I turn everything off except error logs. Not necessary unless trying to troubleshoot something. Yes I am aware of the relationship of “security” to “fail2ban” to “sysadmin” which is another discussion.

No, he asked for proof and even went through the steps of trying to replicate it, which is more than most would have done since the case presented in the topic doesn’t have nearly enough information to go on for replication.

If there are more specific details you can provide, that would be useful. When did the logs enable - can you tell if logrotate has removed logs under the old settings yet? What updates were run around that time? Otherwise, there’s not much in the way of troubleshooting that we could do for you other than guessing.

Sangoma apparently agrees that there is a problem, indicated to me in another thread they have since hid because I accidentally made a duplicate post, so feel free to argue with them about it.

No, I’m not experiencing this issue.

Best of luck.

Your duplicate thread was merged with this one and only the duplicate post was deleted. All replies are here.

No, you misinterpret the moderator auto-responder as agreement with your original post. There hasn’t been a logfiles module update published for about a year now, so if Asterisk logfiles have changed recently, it probably wasn’t due to the logfiles module. I don’t think a simple asterisk upgrade would do it, but possibly running asterisk-version-switch.

We would be happy to accept the bug report, but we still need to determine what actually caused it before there is anything to action.


Funny how that level of logging has zero affect on the free space on my server, since log rotate handles it every single day like it is supposed to.

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