ExceptionError on trying to delete extension or exporting extensions via Bulk Handler

This is on Asterisk 13 and FreePBX 13.

There are two errors I have started facing, likely after upgrading to Voicemail (I am not sure and it may just be coincidence that there is an aliases related fix in Not sure if it broke some compatibility)

The behaviour gets exposed when after upgrade to Voicemail, I try to do one of the following:

1) After importing extensions, and then try to export the extensions csv file via Bulk Handler. I get a Whoops\Exception “Cannot unset string offsets” (picture enclosed) in voicemail.class.php. On closer look I find that in voicemail.conf, under general settings, this new line is getting added post the upgrade “aliasescontext=pbxaliases”, and all extensions being added as “[email protected][email protected]” under a new context [pbxaliases]. If I delete the context and the newly added line “aliasescontext=pbxaliases”, then I am able to successfully export without exception error.

2) Remove one or more extensions from Extensions page, I get Whoops\Exception undefined variable var (picture enclosed). Unable to work around this one - when I am required to bulk remove say 100 extensions. However, if I edit the extension and then click Delete from the edit page, then it removes the extension without throwing any exception.

After two days of debugging, I am yet to find the root cause though it does seem to point towards the voicemail module and the handling of aliases. Looked at app_voicemail.c but not very sure how the aliasescontext is being handled and if anything has changed recently.

Here’s what I am trying to do - please review and point if I am doing or expecting something incorrect.

We ship our box with predefined extensions and users 200-299. Some clients want a different numbering scheme, in which case, we export out the extensions csv, then we delete 2XX series, then import back with new numbering scheme. This was working as expected until we recently upgraded about 39 packages, including the Voicemail

Appreciate any help please. Thanks.


Hi @rohitg76,

It’s known issue. Please watch for this bug (https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-19924)
to know the fix release.

Hi @mmishra:

Are both the issues reported in my note related? I see mention of bulk handler in the issue #19924 but not the extension removal from extensions module throwing an exception. I suspect both may be related.

Thanks for the prompt acknowledgement.

Mohit @mmishra, can you please advise which version of Voicemail or any other package introduced this issue and reverting back to which version may help avoid it? Thanks.

Hello @rohitg76,

Please try with latest release(Voicemail v13.0.59.5). I hope it will resolve your issue.


Hi Mohit @mmishra, applied the package. It resolved the bulk handler issue but did not fix the other exception error that I got when removing the extension from the extension module. Please look into that too. Thank you for the prompt action!

Hi @rohitg76,

Please update the framework to latest release. It will resolve your second issue.


Thank you @mmishra, updating to the top of the trunk framework package resolved the other exception too. Thanks for the prompt fixes.

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