Exception while creating pjsip extension

I am trying to switch over to chan_pjsip. For the transition period, I have enabled “both” so I can gradually migrate.

However… when I try to create or edit an extension, I do get an exception. Does anyone have an idea what is going wrong?

I am using 6.12.65-32 and all modules are up to date.

Need to see the full screenshot not just the code.

You keep removing the most relevant parts. why?

Please stop cropping the image. Just take a screenshot of your browser window when you are scrolled all the way to the top.

You need to go into sip settings and add a transport under pjsip.

Confusing I know

Yes this needs to be fixed so it does it automatically.

nbsberlin, addresses in the 192.168 range are not routable on the Internet so there is not much reason to hide them as you did.

Nobody from the Internet can hack your server if they only know your 192.168 internal address, they would need to know what it maps to on the outside…

From the inside it’s another matter but then people would need to be connected to your network and they could scan each IP to find where your servers are…

Just saying…

Thanks, that did the trick.

Yep. I am aware that 192.168 cannot be publicly routed. Still best practice to hide as much information as possible.

You would not post behind which picture you are hiding your Safe either. I could argue “it is mounted to the wall so it is unlikely it can be publicly routed (aka carried around your street)”. However in the unlikely case that someone makes it behind your “firewall (aka front door)” that information provides some advantage to whoever wants to get to your Safe :wink: