Exception when editing EPM basefile

I’m trying to edit the Aastra basefile in Endpoint Manager (the Commercial version). I tried adding a line for name line 2 on the display, and when I said to rebuild the config I got:

Undefined variable: key

I removed the new line, putting it back to stock config, and again selected rebuild. Same error. Anyone else seen this problem, and/or any ideas about how I can diagnose further?

System and modules are up to date, and I tried rebuilding config from within both the aastra basefile, and the specific model (9143i) basefile editor - same error message. I also tried updating the endpoint module to the Edge version - same error afterwards.

I would file a bug at http://issues.freepbx.org

Will do. Was hoping maybe it wasn’t a bug, but just something I’d missed. :slight_smile: Thanks!