Examples are equal to 1000 words

I notice that FreePBX documentation is often thin on examples for application of the information. Examples are a great way to bridge the gap between what the writer thinks of as obvious and the readers level of knowledge. One common pitfall of any documentation is that provided examples can be too simple and sometimes only represent the most obvious case which fails to capture the grander concept underlying the their use. This may require additional examples.

While all this may seem obvious, the obvious has not prevented me from puzzling over FreePBX features far more than I would wish. Take this comment as a little encouragement.

Thank you

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@JessicaRabbit The documentation is constantly evolving based on feedback from the community as well as our internal teams. If you find something that isn’t helpful or that you can’t make out, submit a suggestion to the team as like you pointed out, it may not be obvious when the documentation was written.

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And post your problems and solutions here - While it would be really cool to have a perfect “Manual” this is a really fast moving target! Module updates are released almost daily - SIP endpoints and devices are added and updated constantly and LOTS of people are beating on solutions constantly - this is the nature of the beast and it can be exhausting to keep up with.

But look how far we have come in so little time - I started with Asterisk 1.1 in 2004 and AMP - Great potential, but scary-unstable and a real crap-shoot for deploying in the real world - Fast-Forward 13 years and I will happily deploy FreePBX/Asterisk into ANY size deployment - my whole business is based around it!

More documentation/deployment scenarios/examples/warnings from everybody can save others TONS of time in the future - and you will find (as I have MANY times) that this is the first place to look when you have a problem - somebody has (probably) already had it and fixed it.

I find it hard to envision that if you have fully digested the Wiki , you would not have your solution, if however you don’t have the patience to do that , then likely you would neither have the patience to actually read a 1000 word example. If you can give a specific example of a question you have that is not covered by either the wiki or google, please show us . . . .

I am sure you gathered that I was making a general suggestion. Me giving specifics often devolves into debate and I just wanted to wish for more examples as words often fail to convey concepts, even when they are many and well considered.

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