Exact queue wait times for specific calls

Today I needed to figure out what happened to a specific call that was waiting on hold in a queue for some time.

I had assumed that the CDR Reports would spit back the total time the call had spent in the queue under the Duration column before the caller hung up. To my surprise that is not so. I happened to be running a packet capture when the call happened and that’s telling a different story then the value reported inside CDR Reports.

I have 100% confidence that the packet capture is telling the truth here.

With that said is there a way to look up the exact time spent in a queue for a specific call (look up by DID) after the fact without needing to resort to a packet capture?

Look at the call in the queue MySQL tables.

A packet capture or CDR won’t help much with the queueing because you may have other non-queue segments on the call. The time spent waiting is only the one where a queue was trying to find someone to speak to, not initial announcements, IVR, etc.

The right place to look for is the queue_log file that tracks such events, or use a piece of software that analyzes it for you :wink:

Ha, thanks for the tip. The basic answer is “Not easily in the admin console but possible with custom programing or software.”

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