Everything was ok Just before I install FREEPBX

I have a sangoma A104d + 2 pri
I had configured asterisk, and It was working great
with simple extension.conf like this:
exten => _9XXX.,n,Dial(dahdi/g0/${EXTEN:1})
I could call outside easily
but now I have installed freepbx
It doesn’t work anymore
I have one route and one trunk
I got this:
"TRUNK Dial failed due to CHANUNAVAIL (hangupcause: 66) - failing through to other trunks

I thought FREEPBX would be easier than original asterisk,
what should I do now?

Did you configure your trunks? If you install FreePBX over a hand built system you will have likely overwritten stuff in the /etc/asterisk directory and you’ll need to re set that stuff back up via your new GUI.

My problem has been solved by changing this
to TRUE in /etc/amportal.conf
and I delete the existing ZAPTEL channel and add it again in compatibility mode
and restart the asterisk from amportal web GUI
How can I get asterisk console
astresk -r -d doesn’t work anymore