Every new trunk I add Asterisk keep adding unexisting trunk names to TO header

Hello I have a really weird problem.
When I add a new trunk and set it for out calls, when a call comes Asterisk goes trough the call flow and adds @something to the CID before sending the call out.
so far it has been adding an already deleted names of a PJsip extensions.
I pares trought the config files there is no mention of the names that are being added to the CID.

Here is my trunk conf

Here is the sip debug

In this case it added @fxsgate which I think was a pjsip trunk deleted some time ago …
This happened all of sudden I have working trunks that were created before, but the new ones keep getting this issue.

take a look at your Inbound Route for this trunk as well. is it adding a CID Prefix there?

This bug has bitten at least twice before, but AFAIK has never been found. Try restarting the server.

If that doesn’t help, we can look further.

Restart helped, thanks.

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