Every Call from one extension goes to the same wrong number

Our receptionist’s extension keeps dialing Thrifty car rental everytime she tries to dial a number, whether it is internal or external. The number she is calling recieves the call but she does not hear them just an automated Thrifty Car Rental Message. The call logs in FreePBX are showing the correct numbers being dialed, but it is some how going ot both numbers.

Could it be that there is a speed dial that is getting invoked by the telephone?

Does she hit the # key to complete her dialing?

Do you see the traffic going out to Thrifty in you logs?

She is using a Grandstream GXP2000
no use of the pound key and no trace of the Thrifty number in the logs. It shows the call going to the correct number adn it does, but all she hears is Thrifty.

If your sure it isn’t the phone (have you tried another one?) Could you run the Asterisk debug -
and post it here.
Thanks -
Tom C