Evaluation Call (Customer Satisfaction )

Dear All

I am looking for module that after customer call we want to evaluate our agency for example after call end he has to choose 1 for good service or 2 for not good service


Easy enough to write some dialplan that would do this. I assume you just want to have an agent transfer the caller to a particular number, caller would be presented with some question(s) and they would key in a response?
Are you talking dozens, hundreds or thousands of survey transfers?

Thank you for your reply

would be presented with some question(s) and they would key in a response?

Yes for example

After complete severing the customer will transfer to sound it say Q1" Dose Our customer service help you"
for yes press 1 for no press 2
Q2 " How you will rate our service "
for excellent press 1 for good press 2 for poor 3

Are you talking dozens, hundreds or thousands of survey transfers?
yes we have a lot of calling , we are hospital and we want to monitor our reservation dept



Requires custom code, but it’s not overly complicated. We can set something up in paid support if you wish.

How much will cost me ?

If will first cost you a minimum block of support time so we can discuss your requirements in detail and provide an estimate from there.

What is a minimum block of support time?

2 hours.

So you have to pay $400 to get a quote?

You have to be prepared to pay for the time it takes to for the usual back and forth as far as what is wanted and what can be provided. If the needs are simple, perhaps the entire job can be completed in 2 hours with time to spare. If extremely complex, the initial conversations alone can take more than 2 hours.

Create your IVR in freepbx,
copy that ivr context from extensions_additional to extensiosn_override_freepbx.conf

Modify the selections that would look like this: (below example has 3

exten => 1,1(ivrsel-1),Goto(ivr-8,s,1)
exten => 2,1(ivrsel-2),Goto(ivr-8,s,1)
exten => 3,1(ivrsel-2),Goto(ivr-8,s,1)

(replace the “X” to reflect the appropriate IVR selection.

exten => X,1,system(echo "${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%d%m%Y-%H:%M:%S)},${CALLERID(all)},${UNIQUEID},${IVR_CONTEXT},${IVR_MSG},${EXTEN}" >> /tmp/survey.txt)
exten => X,2(ivrsel-1),Goto(ivr-8,s,1)

save your changes and test it out.
This will save the responses they give to the survey.txt file in the /tmp directory.
You can cat the file and bring it into Excel.

The above example will give you:

07092017-22:35:03,Jane Doe <5551238811>,1504834501.1207,ivr-7,custom/question1,1

CallerID=The callers CLID if available "Jane Doe <5551238811>"
UniqueID=This is the unique value for each call. This will help you sort indvidual calls that are in this file.
FreepbxIVRid=Each IVR you create is assigned an IVR. FreePBX doesn’t store the descriptive name, this is here to help you know which one is which if you have multiple IVR levels.
QuestionFilename=This is the sound file that you play for each IVR. This is to help you know what question was asked if you have multiple levels of IVR questions.
Selection=This is the DTMF value they pick for their answer.

The above will work, but I recommended not using the override file if you can possibly avoid it. In this case, instead of overwriting an existing IVR, it is far preferable to create a Custom Destination that points to your new dialplan in extensions_custom.conf. Pretty much the same process but with zero risk of any future updates interfering with your modifications.


Hi, how can I execute this code at the end of the call automatically? in my case I would like to get customers opinions every time they call support team queue.

Any thoughts?

The queue pro module will let you do just that. You can choose to send the caller and/or agent to different destinations.