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I bought a cloud instance of FreePBX, I have sip trunking to voip.ms. I have firewall setup for my IP and customer IP for management. I have 10 grandstream wave softphone apps on cell phones spread out across a number of home office users. I use a long password for Sip authentication (not the suggested one but a 15 character letter, number and characters). Calls are sent to a ring group and then transferred. We have voicemail to email setup using gmail. We use time condition and time groups to route calls after hours to a mailbox.

Just looking for any suggestions for improvements. The GS Wave shuts off on a number of users. They have to remember to start it up. One user will not function on wifi, only 4glte.

25 years of Nortel, Mitel, Avaya and NEC. Thus far I am impressed.

that softphone was actually discussed this morning in a list of options … in cases where thats not effective remember you can still route calls directly to a mobile phone via extensions follow me or including the mobile number directly in the ring group

Great idea.

I tested Grandstream Wae last week and it generally worked as expected. As long as you use UDP. I can not make it work with TLS.

I am doing another system. Focusing on security now. I have firewall setup to allow for admin only to my office IP and home IP. A few incorrect registrations from a softphone and the IP is banned. Frustrating but useful.

Whitelist them in Intrusion Detection

Yes, I did that too.

I am using Freepbxhosting. Seems ok. I like that it is a set price and includes the sysadmin and endpoint feature (don’t use it though). Do I need let’s encrypt to encrypt my management of the server? Is that what it does?

I tried vultr, a little easier to use but I am not certain what the bill would be when traffic is billed.

I’m thinking why be an agent for a cloud provider?, do it myself, be in control.

What kind of traffic are you expecting? I’ve never come close to hitting the threshold on any instance.
Here is a system with 96 extensions and averaging 10 simultaneous calls during 10am-12pm (their busiest call time.

Usage from the SIP provider, obviously the inter-office calls are not reflected in this.


Edit: Oh this is with g722 as the primary codec.

Edit 2: That is on a $5 instance. The larger instances have more bandwidth allotted

These are small systems, 15 users. The other 25 users. Minimal incoming outgoing, max 4 simultaneous calls. I have a vultr instance maybe I will use that. In the long run is more efficient I suppose to just buy sys admin license (does that include endpoint or is that extra). Oddly enough one customer is like a mile from the NJ datacenter.

EPM ($149) first year + ~$26/year for updates) is separate form SysAdmin Pro ($25 one time).

Then you will be easy on the $5 instance. Add the Vultr automatic backups (it keeps 2) for $1 and you are out $6/month for an extremely robust hosting solution for your FreePBX systems.

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