/etc/wanpipe/global.conf needed for FXO/FXS Sangoma Card?

I recently purchased a 2FXO/2FXS Sangoma card from Sangoma. I installed the card, and ran the sangoma setup command. After rebooting the system I do see the FXO and FXS ports but there is an error indicating Unable to write to /etc/wanpipe/global.conf and when I check the wanpipe folder there is no global.conf file. Is this file only for PRI cards or do I need to create this file for the FXO/FXS cards as well?

From bash

chown asterisk:asterisk -R /etc/wanpipe

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Thank you. I had a wanpipe1.config there but I also now have a global.conf file.

(Sangoma’ s setup program SHOULD be FreePBX aware by now, maybe they should speak to themselves :wink: )


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