ETA for 2.11 Live final

I see that Beta 1 has been released for 2.11 livecd.

Is there a rough idea when this would expect to go to final?

Just roughly.


You can see our release plan for 2.11 at We have only release beta 1 so far and still have plans to do beta 2 before going final.

Hope this helps.

I appreciate the work you guys are doing. Having said that, please make sure to test it a bit better than 2.10 before adding the update to module admin online updates. 2.10 was added to module admin when it still had lots of problems and all of a sudden I was getting yelled at because people were updating and it was breaking things and of course it was all my fault.

I have no control over the situation when you add an update online like that and make is so easy for people to update just by using a few mouse clicks and breaking things.

Telling them not to do that is like telling a kid not to do something. It just makes them want to do it that much more.

Testing is done in part by you the community. We have limited resources and rely on the community to help find and report bugs so I suggest installing the Beta and help us find the bugs. We can not do this by ourselves.

I did that with 2.10. There are several bug reports that I submitted when 2.10 was still beta. Besides my point which is that you should not be adding it to production release module admin when it’s not ready for people who have the ability to click a mouse but no ability to fix freepbx when it breaks. I understand why you do it, because the pool of testers becomes much larger. There should be a happy middle ground somewhere. A way to reverse the update would be one way. Perhaps create another tab beside the commercial module tab and call it ‘experimental’ or something. Not the way it is now where it just shows up for everyone as “update to 2.11” when it’s obviously not ready for general release. 2.10 was NOT ready for general release when it was released. Not by ANY standard.

2.11 is not in the online repo and therefore is not being “pushed” out to anyone.

I am aware of that. At some point it will be. All I am saying is make sure it’s ready when you do that.

Please do not think of this as an attack but more of a query for information.

What were the major issues you had when upgrading to 2.10?

Do you seriously have to ask? If I get into that this thread with devolve and if you have to ask then I am certain that is where you are going with this.

I’m going to regret this but here goes and don’t expect me to spend anymore time relitigating the past on this.

CDR was moved to module and broke. Sometimes the module never got installed and had to be manually installed so the result was CDR disappeared.

FOP got moved and unsupported so wasn’t tested properly. Hilarity ensued but I am left to fend for myself on that one unfortunately

Numberous GUI things broke during the update such that CSS wasn’t being loaded so the Apply button looked like a crude unformatted text and not a link. Therefore people were unable to follow the breadcrumbs to press the Apply button to cause the changes to take effect for the new GUI design. Probably had something to do with clearing CSS cache and or other HTML issues. Finding the Apply button scattered somewhere on the screen and pressing it and then waiting for up to 45 seconds and then doing it again and them sometimes rebooting seemed to eventually make the GUI show up again.

It was a pretty ugly upgrade that’s for sure.

Just remembered another one. Backup and Restore module would sometimes freak out and start firing off backups ever 60 seconds. Or maybe it was ever 30 seconds…can’t remember. That would cause massive load on the server and hours of fun times. Had to tell everyone to disable backups. That went over well! At some point that must have been fixed because I haven’t seen it happen for awhile.

There were some other things but can’t remember off the top of my head…it’s been awhile and all academic now.

I’ll be the first to admit that 2.10 wasn’t perfect and that I know you as a community expect more from us, just as we expect it from ourselves as developers. However with that said, these are all things that the community can help with as well. A lot of the issues you stated in your post were issues we made public.

The new cdr report was being worked on in 2.10 and we asked for people to test it and even stated it would work with FreePBX 2.7 and up as seen in

FOP as unfortunate as it was, was no longer being maintained by the original developer and as a result, we made the tough decision to get rid of it, which we also made publically known and can be seen here, We even tried to mitigate that by making people aware of iSymphony which may or may not have suited your needs.

As for the CSS issue, hopefully that issue has been resolved with r14796. However if people are still seeing issues by all means feel free to let us know via trac or try to hit us up in irc when we are available.

With that said, we as a team welcome the feedback and hope that you will assist us in making 2.11 even better.


I’m in a testing mood so I just updated to FreePBX 11 and Asterisk 11. Went reasonably well. The update was a bit crude. After doing the wget and ./install_amp then going to module admin it failed several times but survived my trial and error. Had to update core on it’s own otherwise it would fail and then had to update freepbx framework on it’s own. Then I had a couple other failures but eventually the modules all installed. Just not all at the same time. Even after updating core and framework on their own. Since there were no major Gui changes messing up formatting it was easier to follow the breadcrumbs and get through it.


I’m one of the developers of FreePBX so I just wanted to get your opinion not start any flame wars so sorry if you thought that. I’m glad you were able to express your opinions thus. I’m even more glad you attempted to upgrade freepbx 2.11. Bryan and I have made numerous changes to install_amp since the release of beta2 so that it will work on more distributions than just CentOS.

Personally when I upgrade FreePBX machines I do it all through the webgui, I only ever use install_amp on a ‘new’ install. This is usually because you have to update framework first, then core, then all of the other modules in that order, because of how FreePBX was designed many years ago it does not prioritize module installs. So if you don’t upgrade/install framework by itself first, then do the same for core and THEN update all of the rest of the modules (now at the same time) you can potentially run into issues. During the GUI upgrade we try to restrict this process so that users are forced into upgrading framework first and then core, etc. Not sure if that would help fix any issues that you had, just giving some opinions.

Perhaps next time you do testing you could either tail the apache log (during a new install) or run ‘amportal a dbug’ (during an upgrade) for us and if you do have issues or errors then file bug reports against them and cc both Bryan (GameGamer43) and I (tm1000). We are actively going through and fixing the install and run scripts to create a better experience for you.

Also take a look at:

Again thanks for your opinions and thoughts and I had no intention of starting a flame war or back and forth attacks. The CSS issue was (for me) the worst of our problems and like Bryan said we’ve rectified it in several places (including during install_amp).


Is it then best, when upgrading to 2.11, just to backup your current freepbx server, wipe and then install 2.11 from scratch, then restore the backups? Wouldn’t that avoid any upgrade issues?

Also, when I opened this post I never thought it would run for so long :slight_smile: