Errors with "ARI" After update, Asterisk Failure and Interface won't load


I am new to this forum and am not particularly skilled in linux by any means so therefore I am quite a “newbie” with FreePBX.

Basically, I ran through some upgrades with FreePBX with my OpenVZ hosted installation of PIAF.

However, now when I try to access the “FreePBX Administration” page through PIAF it takes ages to load, then it eventually does but Asterisk is marked red with an error under the service status and the Webserver says “Timeout” before going to an error and then once the page refreshes I lose the whole interface.

Also in the Voicemail/Recording page where you can normally login with your extension number I get this error after a while (I cant login to it at all)


ARI does not appear to have access to the Asterisk Manager. ()
Check the ARI ‘main.conf.php’ configuration file to set the Asterisk Manager Account.
Check /etc/asterisk/manager.conf for a proper Asterisk Manager Account
make sure [general] enabled = yes and a ‘permit=’ line for localhost or the webserver.

I have run the passwd-master command through SSH and set a new password in case there were discrepencies but this didn’t fix the problem.

I can’t receive or make calls using the PBX.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

There are no ram limit issues, the solusvm panel shows only 412MB used of 1GB.

I have since discovered the problem lies with my asterisk server for anyone that is interested (I seem to be the only one here).

The server is not starting automatically on reboot. I discovered this after a complete re-installation on my VPS (PIAF Purple) and then by updating step by step through each version to the latest FreePBX.

Maybe this is a common problem and should be looked at? It will certainly have a lot of newbies stumped if it is.

Well FreePBX does not handle starting asterisk. Not sure how PBXiaF does it or how their openvz handles it. I would check with them.