Errors installing Zulu

While trying to do updates after the system hung during earlier updates I started doing modules one at a time. However I hit an error “Error(s) installing Zulu: Failed to run installation scripts” Just above the error it says the SIP Channel Driver must be set to both or chan_pjsip in Advanced settings. However when you go to SIP Channel Driver in the Advanced settings it says that FreePBX auto detects this setting and will change it if it’s wrong. It further goes on to say that The chan_pjsip channel driver is considered “experimental” with known issues.

So the update fails and the instructions tell you to do something that FreePBX says you shouldn’t do. It’s a catch-22.

It doesn’t say that. It says it will change it if it’s wrong.

Here is what it really says

If only one is compiled into asterisk, FreePBX will auto detect and change this value if set wrong

How important is it to update Zulu if I’m not using commercial packages? Each time I try to do the update I get a different error message telling me to change something else. Should I continue to change things until I finally push my way to a working Zulu or is it totally a moot point? Does it use this in the background somewhere other than the commercial packages?

You only need Zulu if you bought zulu

@cdsJerryw Try taking a look at the following wiki page which documents what’s needed for Zulu Server:

Note that we’ve also released a new version of Zulu Server to EDGE (which isn’t STABLE yet as it hasn’t passed our QA, so please keep that in mind if you want to try it). The version in EDGE should allow installation without the dependencies being met, meaning you can make the changes at a later time.

Also if you haven’t tried Zulu and are interested in trying it out, we are currently offering a 2 User - 1 year license of Zulu for Free in our storefront ( We would love to hear what the community thinks of the redesign.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info on the 2 user license. I don’t think this is something that would be of much help to our company but it’s good to know in case I hear someone else with a need.

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