Errors applying Module upgrade config

have just performed a Module update and I keep getting the following error whenever I try and apply the config:

Error: Did not receive valid response from server

XHR response code: 0 XHR responseText: undefined jQuery status: timeout

Anyone have any idea on how I fix this?

Give “amportal chown” and then a “amportal a r” a try.

Thanks for this, I tried it but it made no difference?

chown -R asterisk:asterisk /var/lib/php/session

nope, still the same?

You were able to run: amportal a r


That is essentially the same thing as running it from the web interface. So if you can run it there, then you are SOL on the GUI portion, sorry.

Just tried it again and it worked that time, thanks.
Any ideas what caused this?

It’s usually caused by bad permissions in the php sessions storage.