Error with tranfers

For a general history:

  1. using a raspberry pi and the freepbx debian wheezy build, I created the system to connect a SIP system using the cisco 7960 IP phones. I got the system configured and setup rather quickly thanks to the forum, and the listings on the various pitfalls while setting the system up correctly. After the system was installed and configured with the out-of-box build, my calls suffered a unreasonable delay for a call to connect on dial out and any external IVR was inaccessible. To no avail was there an explanation for the issue so i changed the version of asterisk to 1.8. This resolved my delay and IVR issues.

  2. Since the change, my transfer function on the phone has quit. The phones will ring the extension desired once, then force the call to vmail. As a work around, the calls can be transferred to a ring group as there is no vmail associated with it. But this does not help for the transfer issues to the extension required.

I have spent the last two weeks searching for a similar issue and found nothing. At this point I have no idea what files or configs i need to check to fix this… Is there any idea as to what is needed?