Error with calls to a queue

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Hello everyone,

at the moment I am running a Queue with dynamic members in it. Normally its working but there are some calls which are getting an error message when they call the queue.

The " im-sorry an-error-has-occurred with call-forwarding" message is played. Most of the extensions dont use Call Forwarding or FollowMe and the Agent Restrictions in the Queue settings is set to “No Follow-Me or Call Forward”.

Does anyone have an idea for it?

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Post a call trace via pastebin:


Seems that I solved my problem.

The Endpoint itself has as a failover the same queue (so every call will be answered from someone).
I changed the Queue Agent restrictions from “No Follow me…” to “Extension only”.
After that change i never recognised the message in the logs again.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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