Error when updating queues

When trying to update one of the queues through freepbx I get this error:

DB Error: constraint violation

error adding to queues table

Has anybody run into this?

I checked the httpd log, the mysqld log and the asterisk logs but didn’t find any warnings or messages there.

Any help would appreciated.

The error seems to have something to do with the recordings. When I choose one of the recordings for the “IVR Break Out Menu” I get that error. It doesn’t have to do with one specific recording but with any of them but any of them will produce that error. No this is weird because it doesn’t happen with any of the other queues, but instead of producing that error the recording selected after reloading of config appears as a different one, meaning if I picked recording 5 for the IVR Break Out Menu, then when I go to look at the queue settings I have recording 3 displayed.

I tried several things and then I found that the IVR I was trying to point to had no options, after adding options to it it doesn’t seem to bring up that error anymore. Even though that problem is gone I still have the issue of
recording 5 selected for IVR Break Out Menu + save + reloading
then recording 3 shows up instead when looking at the Queue settings.

Any ideas? Should I delete all the recordings and start from scratch? I’ve re-installed the system 3 times, but it doesn’t seem to fix it.

If you can make a new queue that creates this error, a step by step set of repro instructions would be valuable to post in a bug. To fix it, did you try completely deleting the queue and then re-creating it once the IVR is setup properly? Also - make sure you are completely up-to-date on the latest FreePBX version, queues and ivr modules.

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I have the same problem. Nothing seems to resolve the problem, and it seems to correlate to the recent update to the Recordings module.

And it only seems to occur after a change is made to System Recordings (doesn’t seem to matter what that change is), and when you are trying to define the Break Out menu option.

I have seen the same exact problem. I can recreate the problem and have found a solution that works with my configuration.

When assigning your break out IVR, make sure there is an announcement selected within the IVR config. If you remove the announcements you can recreate the problem.

FreePBX Modules:
Feature Code Admin
FreePBX Framework
System Dashboard
Asterisk 1.2.14 and 1.4.13

Available here:

Basically an addition to queues/

// Announce Menu?
$qpannounce = ‘’;
if ($_REQUEST[‘announcemenu’]==‘none’) {

(The line just below // Announce Menu? is not there in the original file. Add it to fix the problem.)

Not my solution; I googled it and found it at

It would really help when you come across these issues, that you post a ticket against them so that they can be addressed. We don’t search through the forums looking for bugs, we review the tickets.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx