Error when trying to add a phone

I had a few phones that were not part of the endpoint manager list. I was able to add entries to the asterisk database and now they appear in the model list drop down menu however if I try to add one of them through the EPM I get the following error:

Can’t Load “endpoint_cisco_sip79x5G_phone” Class!

I believe that the problem lies within the config files but I unsure about what I am doing. Has anyone got a Cisco 7945G to work with FreePBX and if so can you help me please? if more details are required please let me know I really need to get these phones added.


Just noticed I didn’t post any system info
Cisco 7945 firmware SIP45.8-5-4

Adding to the database wont make it work. You have to modify the library which is database agnostic (meaning there is no database)

Why don’t you just go to and email me what you need/want.

Thanks for the reply but I managed to fix it. I had forgotten to edit the phone.php file.

It is now working and successfully tested